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Wiguna Artha Lestari StaffPT. Wiguna Artha Lestari is a lifting provider,the company established since 1998. PT. Wiguna has been serving customers with a wide range of industries among others: industrial mining, oil drilling, building maintenance, heavy equipment industry, contractors as well as plantation Harbor.

PT . Wiguna Artha Lestari start the businesses as a stokist of  lifting equipment products, but as time and the development of industry , pt wiguna artha lestari realized new variants, complexity of the need for a lifting equipment increase  with a relatively high level of safety needs , and be included inlifting equipmen provision of a consideration, therefor PT. Wiguna Artha Lestari trying to answer the needs of that with:

  • Provides quality products
  • Improve the quality of humen resources
  • Transformation of management system of conventional become professional
  • Latest product standards update

PT. Wiguna Artha Lestari not just focused on the equipment needs only but products provider lifting equipment.

Our Vision

Become a provider company products and services constantly lifting equipment able to compete and Indonesia's leading.

Our Mission

  • Providing products that are capable of competing with the market both in terms of quality, service and delivery time.
  • Reached the top rating in the global market rely on the target company aims at :
      1. Add value for all stakeholders of the company.
      2. The fulfillment of the well-being of employees.

Company Certification/ membership

  • Lifting Equipment Engineers Association
  • Kamar Dagang Indonesia
  • Migas Indonesia


Head Office:
Rukan CITTA GRAHA 2-i, Jl Panjang (Arteri Kedoya) no. 26
JKT 11520
Ph. 021-5816996
Fax. 021-5816727

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Great Docs / Support

supportIn addition to comprehensive documentations, you also get support from friendly customer support and dedicated support system.


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